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 Ariel Emerson

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Ariel Emerson

Ariel Emerson

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PostSubject: Ariel Emerson   Ariel Emerson EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 12:37 am

Name: Ariel Emerson

Age: 16

Residence: Sunnydale

Race: Half human/ Half Siren


Parents: Rosette && Poseidon

Personality: Ariel is fun loving, but her personality changes with whatever twin she's with. With Jim: she's kind, sweet, loving and mostly quiet around him cause Jim is the sweet brother. With Josh: She finds herself parting, having to smack Josh all the time for pulling on her hair, smacking her ass and even picking on her about her liking Jim. But no matter how much she's mad at Josh or clams she hates him, Ariel is drawn back to him (for she's fallen in love with the asshole)





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Ariel Emerson
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