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 Ariel Emerson and Eris Emerson

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Ariel Emerson

Ariel Emerson

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PostSubject: Ariel Emerson and Eris Emerson   Ariel Emerson and Eris Emerson EmptyFri Sep 28, 2012 6:43 am

Name: Ariel Emberson

Age: 16

Residence: Sunnydale

Race: Siren


Older sister: Eris

Personality: Ariel is sweet, fun loving, caring, down to earth, sometimes bratty, flirty when she wants to be. Strong doesn't let anything push her around anymore, not after what happened to her when she was young and her real father was hunting them down to kill his daughters

Appearance: Has pale skin, long flowing blonde hair with bright loving eyes, to make any guy fall in love with her. Hour glass figure, has a scare under her rib from being attacked when she was little but doesn't remember cause of her sister.

Skill: has an acute sense of hearing and smell,
her feet turns to a green colored tail with a purple seashell bra.
She could grow out fangs like a vampire to sink her teeth into their skin sucking their blood dry.
Compulsion, Mind-Reading,

Weaknesses: Her sister Eris is her only family and would do anything for her. Strangely Jim even if he's an ass, a player and down right no good for her, she never wants to see him hurt and puts her life on the line for him even if they do get into a fight later about it. Wood injures her, it doesn't kill her but injurers but fire can kill her. all so loosing her soul and only killing people like every siren out their

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Ariel Emerson and Eris Emerson
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