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 Jim Hawkins

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins

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Name(s): James Pleiades Hawkins (Jim)

Age: 16 years old

Residence: Sunnydale

Race: half demon


Parents - Sarah and Leland Hawkins


Careless, reckless, sometimes obnoxious, flirty, friendly when he wants to be, threatening, fun, outgoing, loud. He can be really mean when he wants to be, or really friendly, depending on his mood. He hates try hards, people who act like they know everything and suck ups. He would be considered as a player/womaniser.


He has tanned skin, blue-grey eyes, dark brown hair and a rat tail. Normally wears black coloured clothing. He has his ear pierced on his left ear and is quite attractive and slim. He has an athletic build and a light, sometimes unnoticeable scar under his right eye.


Since he is a demon, he has many supernatural abilities. He can sense when other demons are around, is stronger than most and has an acute sense of hearing and smell. He is also skilled in surfing, skateboarding, socialising and is generally good at anything athletic.


He is very protective of his mother. If anyone threatened to hurt her, he'd find it very difficult not to try and protect her.


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Jim Hawkins
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