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 Jasmine Mohini

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Jasmine Mohini

Jasmine Mohini

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Name: Jasmine Mohini (Mohini = Indian for Succubus)

Age: 18

Residence: -

Race: Succubus and shape shifter

Family: -

Personality: Jasmine is considered as strong willed and headstrong - when she wants something, she gets it. She's a succubus, so she lures men and sometimes women into having sexual intercourse before killing them. She can shape shift, turn into whatever her victim finds the most attractive in order to help her lure them.

Appearance: Long flowing black hair, tanned skin, red eyes (as a demon) in disguise she has dark brown eyes. She's slim and attractive. She wears a red tube top with red pants, gold shoes, a golden snake arm bracelet and golden earrings.

Skills: can shape shift.
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Jasmine Mohini
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