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 Rapunzel and Flynn Harrington

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Rapunzel Flynn Harrington

Rapunzel Flynn Harrington

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PostSubject: Rapunzel and Flynn Harrington   Rapunzel and Flynn Harrington EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 1:19 am

Name: Rapunzel and Flynn Harrington

Age: 16 ((Rapunzel)) 18 ((Flynn))

Residence: Sunnydale ((Abandoned Warehouse))

Race: Demon of Illusion ((Flynn)), Succubus ((Rapunzel))

Family: Each other

Personality(s): Flynn- Flynn is the eldest out of the two. He can be a smartass and a dick as a demon. Human disguise he acts sweet and caring and can be very affectionate to girls when he wants to be, then he uses his illusions to make them see what they want to see. Demon form he loves to fight and prove he is the best.
Rapunzel- Rapunzel is a succubus and the youngest. She is very sarcastic all the time especially with guys. She's kind to some girls. When she's disguised she is very hyper and loving. As a succubus she is very lustful around guys, especially the innocent ones, to others she enjoys a good fight.

Appearance(s): They are brother and sister. Flynn is the oldest. Flynn is very attractive and is tall. He has medium-short brown and green eyes ((In his disguise)) and bright blue eyes in his demon form. He also has a goatee and he wears a teal vest with a white undershirt. Rapunzel is a bit shorter than Flynn. She has long flowing blonde hair and green ((disguise)) and glowing purple eyes in her succubus form. She wears a long purple dress and carries around a frying pan.

Skill(s): Flynn- Flynn has the power to make illusions meaning he makes his victims see they wanna see so it's easier to seduce them.
Rapunzel- Rapunzel uses her looks, sarcasm, and lust to get her victims. The person depends on how much time she spends on them.

Weaknesses: Flynn and Rapunzel's only weaknesses are each other. They only care about family. Being they are all each other have, they are very protective of each other and will hurt anyone who hurts the other.

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Rapunzel and Flynn Harrington
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